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Legislative Wins

During the contentious 2023 Montana Legislative Session, Laura was focused on the issues that impact you every day, from property taxes and affordable living to keeping Montana's communities safe for all. Laura serves on four committees, addressing criminal justice, government accountability and the economic stability and health of our communities. Read more below on Laura's legislative focus and accomplishments. 

You Deserve a Safe, Affordable Place to Live

Laura led efforts to ensure Montanans aren't priced out of living in our state, co-sponsors LEGISLATION HERE. 


Laura led and successfully passed 2 major bills to make childhood safe for all kids, closing a loophole in child sexual abuse statutes and protecting families from predatory program that historically have engaged in abuse of young enrollees.

Laura's experience prosecuting over 100 felonies in Montana formed the basis for her drive for all Montanans to be able to be safe in their own communities. 

Mental Health Support When You or Your Family Need it Most

Laura led a bipartisan bill to ensure that individuals struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs) can access care. She brought back a dying bill by narrowing it to provide strategic funds for room and board, so that Montanans who are ready to address their SUDs won't be stopped at the door because they can't afford it. The revised bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support (See 

Laura's work as Deputy Director of the state's largest agency, Health and Human Services, formed her understanding that mental health is the foundation of economic stability and a quality life.  

Keeping Big Sky Country Open to All

Laura is a staunch advocate of Montana's wild places, advocating for legislation that keeps public lands open to all. Laura fought back against any bill that sold access to Montana's lands to the highest bidder. 

Laura's lifelong love of trails and camping motivating her to ensure there is Big Sky Country left for our kids and grandkids. 

Government Should Work for You

Laura serves as Vice Chair of the statewide Audit Committee, a bipartisan, year-round committee that holds state government accountable to all Montanans. Laura's work on the committee has addressed toxic workplace practices and ensuring taxpayer dollars are being used with respect and effectiveness.


As a former federal prosectuor of fraud, Laura's expertise has proved a valuable asset to identifying financial issues that need to be fixed at state agencies.

Protecting Your Privacy and Independence 

Laura fought back against extremist legislation that tried to create a state registry of abortions. She successfully revised the bill with bipartsan support. The change closed an overlooked loophole that allowed the information to be used in criminal prosecutions. Montanans value their privacy and independence.


Laura has fought for your privacy rights in every setting, from your online data to private health information. 

Your Issues Matter

During the legislative session, Laura received more than 5,000 correspondences, from emails and calls, to texts and written messages. Laura values your input and experienc

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